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From Privacy to Accessibility 

We Always Have Your Best Interests In Mind

Transparency is Key to Trust

With a true focus on addressing the details of your needs, we adhere to a code of ethics and transparency that guide us as we build a meaningful relationship with you. Our goal is for you to feel empowered to make informed financial decisions and as we get to know each other, there are a few core principles that serve as the bedrock of what you can expect: 

We're Motivated by your Success Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

We're Motivated by Your Success

At Novare Capital, we consistently integrate ethical business practices and transparency into the work we provide. Our team is committed to providing service with high ethical standards and professional development through continued education and industry designations. 

As An RIA Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

As an RIA:

We offer personalized financial and planning advice that is based on what is best for you.  

We work to find solutions that are aligned with your complex financial needs.

We earn a fee based on a percentage of your assets, which means we succeed when you do.

Fiduciary responsibility means we are legally bound to put our clients’ interests before our own.

SEC Regulated Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

SEC Regulated

Novare Capital is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the terms of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.  Holding to the highest of standards, we give full disclosure of our practices and potential conflicts of interests at all times.   

Novare Capital's Code of Ethics Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

Novare Capital's Code of Ethics

Offering unmatched professional standards is a priority of ours at Novare Capital. As an SEC registered firm, we are required to maintain an open discussion of any potential conflicts of interest as well as the procedures we have in place to avoid them. With a team of credentialed financial advisors, we adhere to the ethical attributes upheld by the CFP® and CFA designations. 

Investments and Planning That Begin With You

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