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Motivated by Your Financial Future

The Novare Capital Approach

We’re in the business of serving individuals and families by integrating personalized investment management with focused financial planning. Whether you’re planning for retirement, changing careers or expanding your family, we enjoy collaborating with you to help you make the most of your wealth in a straightforward, easy to understand way.

Investment Management and Planning Services Include:

Equity Strategies Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

Equity Strategies

Through separately managed accounts, we seek to preserve, protect and grow your portfolio over a complete market cycle while maintaining less market risk and tax efficiency.

Fixed-Income Management Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

Fixed-Income Management

Managing fixed income portfolios for clients seeking a reliable source of income is one of our driving focuses as a firm. 

Cash Flow and Retirement Planning Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

Cash Flow and Retirement Planning

Novare Capital Management offers comprehensive financial planning services including: retirement planning, education funding, estate planning and charitable giving strategies. 

Trust and Estate Review Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

Trust and Estate Review 

In order to ensure that the details of your legacy are in order, we offer a comprehensive review of your trust and estate plan.

Financial Education Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

Financial Education

Inheriting wealth brings a unique set of challenges, and heirs, both young and old, are often unprepared for this new responsibility.

Alternative Investments Charlotte, NC Novare Capital Management

Alternative Investments

We can offer Qualified Purchasers a range of alternative investments including reputable private equity firms, hedge funds, real estate, etc.

Interested in Learning More?

Through an ongoing process, we’ll work with you to better understand how to address your needs.

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