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Gram-Leach-Biley Privacy Notice Act

On November 12, 1999, the Gram-Leach-Biley Act (GLBA) was signed into law. One of its major components is the creation of new privacy laws and regulations.

In accordance with the GLBA, Novare Capital does not disclose confidential information about our customers to anyone, except as permitted by law.

We restrict access to confidential personal information about you only to those employees who need to know for servicing the account. All employees have strict confidentiality agreements as part of their employment with Novare Capital.

As part of our investment services, we maintain strict physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to ensure your privacy. Should you have any questions concerning this matter please do not hesitate to call. Thank you for your business and confidence in Novare Capital Management. 

To see Novare Capital Management's current Privacy Policy Click HERE