Our Process


It is critical for us to understand your objectives clearly before we construct your customized portfolio. Our thorough planning process ensures the development of a tax-efficient investment plan specifically designed to suit your unique financial circumstances. We achieve this by:

Listening closely. An initial meeting is held to discuss your time horizon, income needs, business and financial position, future needs and risk profile.

Gaining understanding. We ask clients to complete a detailed investment questionnaire in order to make sure we understand your financial picture. Everything is relevant.

Setting expectations together. Expectations and investment objectives are jointly set.

Starting the investment process. The investment process begins after we evaluate all information and design a portfolio with an asset allocation that is tailored to your individual situation and goals.

Of course, our job does not end with the investment plan. In fact, it is just the beginning. Relationship review meetings are held to review your performance and discuss any specific life or professional changes that may guide future investment plans. This disciplined approach to wealth management is designed to give you the ultimate confidence that your financial future is secure and in good hands.